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The flight crew acknowledged the change, but continued to line up to 28L, the FAA concluded.

A Virgin America jet was waiting to take-off on Runway 28L at the time and the Aeromexico plane was forced to abort its landing, flying directly over the Virgin plane at about 725 feet.

The pilot, who flies large jets along freight routes in Asia, wrote, "I'm quite comfortable discussing my salary with my friends who are in the airlines." But things get more complicated, the pilot said, when it comes to dating.

The tower went as far as shining a light into the cockpit of the approaching plane in an unsuccessful attempt to get the flight crew’s attention.The other plane had cleared the runway by the time the Air Canada jet touched down and landed safely.The FAA concluded after speaking to the flight crew and probing other data that the “crew inadvertently switched from the SFO tower frequency to the SFO ground frequency after receiving their landing clearance.” “The FAA deemed this event to be an isolated occurrence and not reflective of any systematic deficiencies at Air Canada,” according to a FAA spokesman. “I can’t understand how experienced pilots didn’t catch that.“San Francisco is very, very unique because its runways are so close together that it can create a problem.It was designed years ago for a small operator, but now it’s one of the biggest in the world.” The airport has undergone additional scrutiny since the July 8 incident involving an Air Canada plane that nearly landed on an SFO taxiway crowded with four fully loaded aircraft.

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