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You will need to pick the right lingerie and if you don't know how to do that (sucker! After the lingerie scene, agree to have a drink with Rebecca in the nearby bar.

Note: You can follow the path used in Amateur Night at the Live Cabaret except Ariane won’t do the “Live Sex Act” in front of Rebecca. You must do each type of dance at least once (Pole, chair, sexy, touch) 2. Once in her underwear, you must do three moves before removing bra, and another three before thong, and another three, with touching being last, before “Live Sex Act” if Rebecca is not there. No dance move can be done more than twice before she gets nude, one more each after that.The previous walkthrough (From Bar to Pool) learned us that it is possible to meet Rebecca in the lingerie shop. Normally Rebecca would now ask you to have a drink at the nightclub but since you have just been kicked out there, she looks for another place to go and have some fun. This is a really difficult stage in the game as the right moves have to be followed without making a single mistake. She will propose to have a drink with Ariane B at the nearby nightclub. Evening dress scenario Get dressed and go for a drive. Although the story will roughly follow the same path and have the same ending, clicking different hotpoints will have Ariane B leave the house in different clothes. Agree to drinks at the club with Ariane and Rebecca.

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