Dating behavior a framework for analysis and an illustration

When a subsequent call is received from the same caller, identified by caller ID, the ring tone is played, alerting the user to the incoming call as well as the context of their prior communication. Implementation of the present invention in either context is interchangeably described herein, as both serve as equivalent platforms to the ultimate embodiment of it in small, handheld devices capable of both functions, which have become known as ‘smartphones’, a word which arose in the late 1990s, and has been defined as a phone with additional software functions.

Moreover, hardly any attempts to help a user associate a call request with his counterparty have penetrated the market, and none have utilized the voice from a prior conversation, which is a natural and effective reminder of the context in which the user will grasp the meaning of the communication.

And again, most attempts at improvement have been focused toward the center, not the nodes. A ring tone is an audio segment played to alert the user of a telecommunications device to an incoming phone call or other type of communication.

Ring tones are typically stored as digital audio files on a telecommunications device such as a cellular phone.

In one embodiment of the invention, a ring tone is generated from a recorded portion of a conversation with a caller.

The ring tone is subsequently played when receiving a call from the same caller, who is identified by caller ID.

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