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According to one of the insider,“Cait’s got her heart set on finding the perfect man to date and Yusaf ticks every box.

“She’s definitely worried about the age gap – he’s only 37 – but he’s got a pile of kids and is very open about his attraction to trans-women.”“They obviously think that it is really weird, but they are not shocked by anything that Caitlyn does anymore.

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is about to compete in what is being considered the biggest fight of the century, so let's meet the woman behind the man - girlfriend Doralie Medina!

Generally, after the gender change probably people are quite interested in the personal life of Caitlyn Jenner. The question which is hitting and rolling through the head of all the fans are like: Is she dating someone? So, Today we have come up with all the answers for all the questions. After the gender transformation, Caitlyn has been caught up with lots of controversy going up there.

Generally, the story started from some uncertified site, who said that Jenner is “on the prowl” and wants to “sink her claws” into Mack.Little is known about Doralie, other than that she met Floyd while working as a massage therapist when she lived in Las Vegas.They first met in 2011 after being introduced by a mutual friend and she began working for him as his massage therapist.She shares her experience during the whole process.Read the full story here: Caitlyn Jenner is the former Olympic gold medal-winning decathlon champion.

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Then you should seriously consider heating up your love life by dating a firefighter.

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