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Hello all, I am dating someone who is not divorced yet and keeps telling me that he can't be with me right now, but still wants to talk to me and see me.We have a long distance relationship and he talks to his ex almost every day because of his son.So to me, as long as the person is in the process I am fine with dating someone not yet divorced. Cheers S Mmmlikely NEVER came back to the thread (or at least, never posted a RESPONSE) and it was a dead horse until someone else decided to beat it. Why is is that woman on here don't want to see a married man who is separated...especially when half of them are in the same predicament.

WOW i am not single now that i am divorced..the brakes on there my friend..becouse i have been marriered at one time does not mean i am not single...i am single to to the fact i am not marriered to the woman i divorced or any one eles for that matter..can't mean that please tell me its bad typing You are in fact not single but divorced. No matter what a persons status is everyone's situation will be different.

She kicked him out and told him that she hated him and that he repulsed her.

They've been separated for almost 2 years, but not divorced yet and I wonder if he wants to get her back? if someone else sweeps you off your feet it is his own fault for not being more enthusiastic.

Unfortunately too many people have dated long before they were ready to.

Some of those people realized they didn't want the divorce and missed their ex, some were on a break and never intended to divorce.

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She repeatedly cheated on him and verbally abused him, and he says he is happy with his current arrangement, but he is in no hurry to speed up things with me -- what should I do? I guess that's my problem, I do want more of an explanation but he says that I'm rushing him or that he is confused and doesn't know what he wants, and I just can't help wanting him, but it really hurts waiting and not knowing what he is thinking... You probably don't want to read this but you need to end this relationship.

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