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While packaged goods, hospitality, retail, medicine, real estate, and fitness are some of the obvious industries for employing scent branding, many brands in other industries have benefited from this approach. Walter Thompson is currently developing its own signature scent, and Nelson Plant Food, too, uses scent branding to enhance the aroma of its product used by landscapers in upscale neighborhoods — fertilizer — with a floral scent.

Regular internal surveys and public online comments reveal that the scent has enhanced the visit experience and increased brand memorability for thousands of guests.Your scent might even create an opportunity for productization, giving you an additional revenue source.For example, the three 1 Hotels have shipped more than 20,000 candles infused with its signature scent, and are now expanding its offering to include two additional candle sizes and a room spray.Would you like your scent to be at play around the clock or only during certain hours?Are you looking for scent to act as a backdrop or a more obvious and identifiable statement?

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