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The tone of voice used while talking is different in urban and rural areas: in urban areas the tone is a lot more lineal, while in rural areas people tend to pronounce with more intonation accentuated syllables.

Religious celebrations are loud, crowded events in Nicaragua.

In this region, you can find the dances like ‘polcas’ and ‘mazurcas’.

North / Central Nicaragua: In the mountainous region of the north and center of the country, the European heritage brought by Spanish and German descendents that inhabited the area can be easily recognized.

The rhythm and dance representative of this region is the ‘palo de mayo’, created in Bluefields.

This is an energetic dance in which dancers motion their body with sensual movements.

Nicaraguan singer-songwriters have broadened their scope to other well known Latin American rhythms as well.

Therefore, you can also hear ‘cumbias’ and ‘salsas’ born in Nicaragua.

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In Masaya, the main cultural feature is known in Latin America as ‘mestizaje’, which is a real mixture of cultures.

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