Dating dangers of the past

They begin by having an individual investor answer questions about their risk profile. Only this: Understanding the nature of an efficient frontier model and the assumptions on which it relies.

The program will then generate a portfolio consisting of various asset classes that will deliver the greatest expected return given the individual's risk tolerance. As with a sophisticated racing car, a powerful tool in the wrong hands can be a very dangerous thing.

They're one of the most touted, yet most misunderstood and misused, tools in the field of financial planning.

Another constraint might be that total international assets not exceed 30 percent or 40 percent of the portfolio.

In the hands of a drunk driver, the same vehicle can be deadly.

The financial equivalent of racing cars is an efficient frontier model.

Along with these benefits, online dating does raise new dangers: a creep—a violent one, even—may be lurking behind the next click; the process over-represents certain features of a person (facial appearance, for starters); and it requires an investment of funds that perhaps could be better spent elsewhere. These archaic behaviors suited the olden days, but some of them seemed novel even to the generation before mine.

It also reduces the need to choose between meaningful in a region where pickings are slim, and work that may be further from one's calling in a more populated area.

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That's a real problem given the model's pitfalls (unless of course they come with the appropriate instructions and disclaimers).

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