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During Ron and Hermione's wedding Harry finds himself having to work out why the leading official is calling Hermione 'Mrs. When Harry doesn't show up for Christmas dinner at the Weasleys, Hermione goes to investigate. The Potters and Grangers arrange a marriage between Harry, a rising star in the Ministry, and Hermione, supermodel and fashion designer. To fail to take advantage of (to miss chance) Noun 2. Opportunity [op-er-too-ni-tee, plural—tees] Noun, plural—ties 1. A favorable, appropriate, or advantageous combination of circumstances"I'm going to Australia," Hermione said, her voice not much louder than a whisper, the sentence almost getting lost in the breeze.When she discovers Harry's secret, she gets a bit more than she bargained for. Two strangers fall in love as they realize how similar they truly are. Ten years ago, the wretched World War tore the two lovers apart. "I'm going to try to - to get my parents." Harry sipped his coffee at that, not really knowing what to say. Dudley has a girlfriend & Harry's teases him, Dudley retaliates with "At least I have a girlfriend" making Harry claim Hermione's his girlfriend.She escapes her captor and flees to the north, there she finds Winterfell and its wolves. Everything changes once the lions and stags arrive. She's conquered the rest of the world, only the North stands in her way. His decision to join Hermione for the Easter Holidays changes everything that he knows. Before Hermione Granger's 20th birthday, she must get married.The seven kingdoms are thrown into chaos as a enemy that never sleeps rises in the far north. (Daenerys/Jon)(Arya/Gendry) (Sandor/Sansa)(Bran/Myrcella) Don't like don't read! It is part of the new law, and she's frightened that she'll end up with someone that'll hurt her. He and Hermione will get married, then divorce (staying friends) after the law is lifted.Ginny was never the top of her class, and she isn't Muggleborn. Goodness...)6.) Because Hermione's rarely ignored Harry. (How many times have we seen "..Hermione, ignoring Ron," in the books?! The Return of Lily and James Potter due to the usage of the Resurrection Stone by someone who wishes to make Harry see the Light, doesn't help much.And, seeing as Hermione has BOTH of those attributes, she is actually closer to Harry's mum than Ginny will ever be.)8.) Because bickering and fighting can't be taken as "sexual tension" in the real world.7.) Because Harry looks a lot better than Ron. And I've never seen "..Hermione, ignoring Harry".)5.) Because in, there are more H/Hr pictures on the pages of Harry and Hermione.4.) Because of the fact that they fight doesn't make them, "opposites"; therefore, the "opposites attract" theory can go flush itself down the toilet for immense idiocy. Friendships, Marriage, Death and Ever After get all mixed in a story about Love. He is past the point of caring, until one day he takes the opportunity to change his fate—blast the consequences. You won't be taken from me again." A Dimension travel harmony story.

Since Hermione Granger lost her parents she hadn't been the same. Harry and Hermione have been told by two jealous exes that they should be with each other, yet no one else really sees it. Harry is shocked when Hermione wakes up one morning and can't remember the last five years of her life. Summary not good but the story is good, give it a chance. CH 7 Officially Rated MMy thoughts on the scenarios if Puck and Quinn had decided to keep Beth. Instead of meeting welcoming arms, he sees that her parents hate him, and will do anything to keep this "dangerous boy" away from their daughter. Harry and Hermione are friends who like to spend time togther.Harry, overtaken with guilt, runs away and meets up with his godfather, Sirius Black. H/Hr Rated M for language and sex It is Christmas time at Grimmauld Place and Harry has noticed a vital flaw in his defensive education. A misunderstanding between Harry and Hermione during the war set them on the path they were today. He wasn't sure why or how, but he longed for those days when it was just him and Hermione against the world. This will be an Adult Story, contains Bashing and Character Death.Sirius trains Harry and prepares him for adulthood, when he finally goes back for Hermione. Enlisting the aid of Hermione, Harry hopes to become more adept at hand to hand combat. After realizing that both would have to choose how to deal with the consequences and what they are willing to sacrifice. Somewhere along the lines Harry had done something he had never intended to do. AUWith Voldermort defeated, Harry, Ron and Hermione are sharing a flat in Hogsmede and moving on with their lives. He's been in love with her, and she's always been with someone else. He had an epiphany and realized he had feelings for someone he never thought he'd have feelings for. Cleaning up the first/third person & tense changes.But a new evil has followed her to London and he'll do anything to get her back. The words should have filled Harry Potter with joy not dread. Harry struggles with this as he tries to cope with his wayward feelings, while keeping their friendship alive. My take on Reptillia 28's Challenge from Portkey, Really hope no one minds.Ron dies during the second task of the Triwizard Tournament. After three years he should have be OK with seeing his best friends together. Harry dies well before his time and is sent back to clean up the mess he left behind.

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