Dating double standards

Inspector Sean Mc Dermott, Manager of the Domestic Family Violence Team for NSW Police said that the majority of domestic violence victims that he sees are women although domestic violence can affect anyone.

Mr Lanham said that the stabbing wasn't the first time he was physically attacked by his partner.

Mr Adams has an all-zones permit which allows him to park anywhere in Hackney and although it was not displayed on the car’s dashboard, he felt the warden should have checked the database to find out if the car was unlawfully parked.

With a £60 parking fine and the standard £260 towing fee already piling up against him, the cost of his crime was further compounded by the fact he didn't pay his fine within 14 days, which meant an added £120 fine.

If it's formal, get the dark suit, white shirt and tie. Mark Zuckerberg, Bono and scads of tech execs wear the same or similar outfits all the time, and no one cares.If you've ever tried to appeal a parking ticket you'll be aware of the sense that you may as well be banging your head against a brick wall, no matter how valid your reason.When Seamus Adams left his car in a residents-only parking bay in Hackney, North London, he had his windscreen papered with the familiar yellow plastic parking packet before it was towed away.But if a woman wears the same clothing two days in a row, people talk.Women tend to like more variety in clothing than men do, so our culture reflects that. President Obama wears almost the same outfit every day.

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