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(A divorce is sometimes called “dissolution of marriage”; both mean the same thing).

The spouse who wants a divorce just has to tell the court that the marriage is "irretrievably broken" to get a divorce.

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The basic provisions for determining the end date of the marriage are outlined in O. In the widely cited termination of the marriage, where reasonable under the facts and circumstances presented in a particular case.

If the court selects dates that it considers equitable in determining marital property, “during the marriage” means the period of time between those dates selected and specified by the court. 3105.171 (2) (a) renders a presumption that a marriage begins with the ceremonies and ends on the last date of hearing in a case instituted for divorce. (b) of the same statute allows the court to use other dates appropriate for the beginning or end of the marriage based on equity if adequate evidence is adduced by both parties to that effect. LEXIS 554, the Ohio Court of Appeals stated that ”When determining the duration of a marriage, the Supreme Court of Ohio has held that equity may require a court to recognize a de facto termination date for the marriage.” , 69 Ohio St. Additionally, some Ohio appellate courts have held that should there be a de facto termination of a marriage, the decision “must be clear and bilateral, not unilateral” on behalf of the parties involved. There seemed to be no efforts at reconciliation and hence the trial court was justified in treating that date as the termination of marriage date for evaluation purposes.

3105.171 (2005), which states the following: “During the marriage” means whichever of the following is applicable: (a) Except as provided in division (A)(2)(b) of this section, the period of time from the date of the marriage through the date of the final hearing in an action for divorce or in an action for legal separation; (b) If the court determines that the use of either or both of the dates specified in division (A)(2)(a) of this section would be inequitable, the court may select dates that it considers equitable in determining marital property. In this case the trial court determined the de facto termination date to be the date when the couple started living and operating from separate residences, conducted separate business activities and operated independent bank accounts.

While Sec.3105.171 gives a statutory presumption that the final hearing date is the date of valuation, trial courts are supposed to look into the date, intention and circumstances of a bilateral rather than a unilateral move to terminate the marriage before deciding on the valuation date. In On appeal, the husband claimed that the trial court committed error when it used the appraisal date for all of the tangible personal property but used the hearing date for the value of his pension fund.

The court explained that “the value of the tangible personal property had not increased between the time of the appraisal and the hearing date. 3105.171(A)(2)(b) further provides that if the court determines that use of that date would be inequitable, the court may select a different date for purposes of determining the division of marital property. LEXIS 4772, the court agreed with the trial court that the use of the date of separation as the end date for “during the marriage” was equitable because the parties’ finances were effectively divided at that point, and appellant was properly removed from the home by court order.

In this fashion, the trial court will have the necessary flexibility to exercise its discretion in making truly equitable awards consistent with legitimate expectations of the parties.” at 318.I praise our Lord Savior, Jesus Christ, for surviving a horrific incident.If you receive a check from an unfamiliar person or business, be skeptical.If you hire an attorney, you will also have to pay the attorney.You will need to check with the attorney about that attorney’s fees. The length of time it takes for a divorce depends on your individual circumstances.

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