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Enjoyed Norway but didn't eat at a restaurant once.Made meals in rental apartment and bought beer in supermarkets.For domestic trips where we use car rentals we also have points that often cover that expense or at least reduce it somewhat.First of all, perspective that I hope makes you feel a little better : anyone who can afford a trip to Europe by saving for 4 years is still better off than most of the world (and better off than me for much of my life.) So yes, this summer will be my 6th trip to Europe in the past 7 years.Yet I saved 00 in less than a year, which paid for a 3 month trip to Europe.That could just have easily been spent on new furniture in a single bedroom.Or not earned at all if I cared what others thought.It's even easier now, there are also a lot of games you can play with credit cards these days. As far as budgeting and prioritizing expenses can get you, its nothing compared to having a high income. Late fall/early spring are not only inexpensive times of year to travel, but also are in full swing of high culture like the ballet & the opera.

For example, I will be traveling from Paris to Dortmund in early November. I will buy the rail tickets at the 90 day window from my date of rail trip for the advanced fares (which are often the lowest). If my hotel doesn't offer breakfast with the room price, I buy yoghurt, fresh fruit and local breads the night before (from a local grocery store, greenmarket) and have them for breakfast in my room the next day with the coffee or tea provided.I remind myself that and also a great philosophy "comparison is the thief of joy". If I don't see that same low rate with that hotel, I email the hotel to alert them that I prefer to give them business but want that 3rd party rate.Those lower rates are typically honored by the hotel in my experience. If I'm doing intra-European travel, I will consider low-cost airlines like Easy Jet and Eurowings as well as the train.My husband travels constantly for his job (last year he made 2 trips to Europe in Mar and April without me because I was working and he also occasionally travels to Asia without me) so we have frequent flier miles and hotel points.My husband is Platinum on Delta and last year had to arrange his trips carefully to avoid Diamond status-he prefers to have points to carry over to the next year to maintain his Platinum.

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Even 20 years ago, when I made $25k a year as a journalist and my wife was still in college, I got a second job delivering pizzas.

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