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This....let's just say it didn't do wonders for young Oleander's psychology.He is the boss of the Meat Circus, and thus the final boss of the game.Also, by default, any and all shipping involving these characters as of their in-game ages or near will be a Toy Ship.Functions somewhat like a Captain Ersatz of Ralph Wiggum of The Simpsons in the camp. Wears a tinfoil hat, since he has previously caused several incidents of Your Head A-Splode (one of which was a single person's head exploding The camp bully and another veteran of Whispering Rock who dislikes the camp.He's Gloria's inner critic, amplified by her bipolar mood swings.

He takes an interest in Raz's psychic abilities and offers him special training.

He tries to paint masterpieces, but always ruins them at the last moment by going into a rage and painting a matador and bull over them. Pokeylope hostage and will kill him if she doesn't cooperate.

A Large, incredibly fat critic who watches the (rather bad) plays in Gloria's Theatre from his balcony seat, heckling every performance while munching on popcorn.

A descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte, who, after repeatedly losing games of Waterloo-O to Crispin in his former job as an orderly, went insane and was possessed by the angry genetic memory of his ancestor, who forced him to become a great tactician (ironically in a mental game of Waterloo-O).

Aspiring artist and high school wrestling team captain left heartbroken after his love, Lana Panzoni, a cheerleader, rejected him in favor of the head of the cheerleading squad, Dean La Grante.

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Now that model Elke the Stallion's massive assets are starring in the "Bubble Butt" music video ...

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