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The mark identifies the type or class of material (see Table 1 for class codes); the number of items included (referred to as bundles or packages); and the year, month, and day of registration.

What follows below is a description of the marks and the information necessary to decode them.

The commercial protection of ideas, techniques, and designs emerged with industrial capitalism.

As a leader in the unfolding intellectual, social, political, and economic revolutions of eighteenth and nineteenth century Europe, Britain had a long history of extending formal protection to ideas and products.

The dating formula is simple: the median of a production range extending six years from the year of registration.

Keep in mind that the date of design registration provides only a clue to the year the item was actually produced.

The simplicity of the technique generally rendered the information more legible. By United States law the country of origin was required to be recorded on imported wares beginning in 1891.

The line of script typically took the form Rd No XXXXXX although Rd XXXXXX is sometimes encountered. Consequently, the upper two illustrations are of vessels produced between 18.

The objective of this page is to help the visitors of the site in deciphering the marks of their British silverplate.

It should be said that the correct definition for punches present on silverplate is MARK, while the term HALLMARK is reserved to sterling silver items submitted to the "Hall" for verification of their fineness. S) (4) WHEN: the approximate date is early 1900, deduced by the combined presence of the mark ENGLAND (in use from early 1890s) and the Patent Office number 351065 (registered in 1899) (5) WHY: the inscription reads that the cup was presented to "Dr.

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