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In the evening as we got ready to go I was a bag of nerves so Peter opened a bottle of wine which in my nervous state I drank far too much of.By the time we were ready to leave I had finished most of the wine and was getting quite tipsy.

Peter introduced fantasies into our lovemaking and we would fantasise about having sex while someone else was watching us.A couple of streets from the club we stopped at a bar for a drink to steady my nerves.As we left the bar I was leaning on Peter for support and beginning to slur my words.After a couple of drinks Peter suggested that we go and explore to which I agreed. There was a locker area here with a sauna and a steam room.There were also a series of rooms, some open with no doors and some smaller ones which had doors.

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Apart from a couple of the small rooms which had their doors closed there were not many people down here and nobody seemed to be engaged in any sexual activity.

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