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Past Dates & Deadlines Dates and deadlines shown below are for regular, semester-length courses.

The university reserves the right to change or cancel classes; to change the fees, rules and calendar for admissions, registration, instruction and graduation; and to change other regulations affecting the student body at any time.

After the semester add/drop deadline, dropping or withdrawing from classes with irregular dates cannot be done via UAOnline.

Students may submit an Add/Drop Form above for specific semester add/drop deadlines.

The browser will navigate to the Register/Add/Drop page.

Step 7: The selected CRN will display on the Register/Add/Drop page.

Programs in Faculty Services include, but are not limited to: UAA faculty recruiting and hiring, promotion, tenure and post tenure review, UAA student/faculty online evaluation program (IDEA), faculty sabbatical leave program, faculty development and travel grants, Provost's office faculty labor grievance functions.Advisors may also be indicated in Degree Works which is available through UAOnline.Find out specific information about placing into writing, math or statistics classes. This schedule is the most up to date and complete class information available.Students wishing to change from credit-to-audit must do so by the end of that drop period.Before registering for classes, secondary students must submit a Secondary Student Registration Form. Submit the completed form to [email protected] in person at the University Center or at a local campus.

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