Dating how to approach women at the bar

If, however, you have a broad range of interests, and you use those interests to talk to a woman, you will have better luck than just the usual “you come here often” line. I am going to be 35 next month and I never had a gf and never approached anyone.

Good points, but I think everyone is always afraid of being rejected and the video definitely gives a good touch of how to approach women. I think men need to add more flavor to their questions if they want to get a positive reaction from the woman. I have social anxiety so I get real nervous just getting a sub sandwich.

That's probably more approaches than most guys have done in their entire lives!

There’s no point in me approaching any woman – rejection is always guaranteed so why bother?

” If you can’t go from there, give up you are destined to join the monkhood…..If you are fairly loose in your words she will be ready to join you in conversation.Her reply may be something as easy as “hi, have we met before? If after every possible effort you still don’t have a date, just say "anyway nice to meet you and walk away, leaving her to think “oh bugger I could have had that guy now I am alone again.” She in all likelyhood if you bump into her again will not miss a second chance and she may even approach you, with something like “we met the other day, I’m sorry I may have seemed rude but My girlfriend has just recently met (George Clooney) and I wasn’t thinking straight”.Peter Very insightful, I like the idea of thinking to your self, you own the place and you are asking a customer, how they are being acommedated.If you are reading this article, most likely you feel extremely nervous and troubled, when you are about to approach her or even think of it. Some guys get few drinks to relax and summon up the courage, but they end up being drunk and stalking the women at the bar. Some guys “get on your ears” and women feel used by them. You cannot possibly avoid getting rejected once in a while. If the woman likes you, she would make it easier for you and would create that moment for you to come up to her.

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