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Ahead of the departure of flight QR920, Air India may re-state its claim that its Delhi-San Francisco route is in fact the world's longest because of the course taken.But the only baseline on which rationally to compare extreme distances is the “Great Circle” route: the shortest distance between two points on the surface of the Earth.The Qatar Airways jet will leave Doha at 5.10am on Sunday 5 February, and will cross 10 time zones.It doesn't arrive in Auckland until 7.30am on Monday.

Those in the window seats will get the only chance to see anything much of interest during a 20-minute transit across Sri Lanka.

Skimpily dressed in thigh-skimming skirts and hotpants, Qatar Airways employees are taking full advantage of Fly High, a weekly affair offering a solid nine hours of either free or heavily discounted drinks in the W hotel.

As they partied until the early hours, it was clear most employees last night were ignoring a missive from Rossen Dimitrov, a vice president at Qatar Airways who publicly shamed a female cabin crew member by emailing a picture of her drunk and incapacitated, adding he was 'ashamed and disturbed' by her behaviour and warning others not to follow in her footsteps.

The passengers boarding flight 921 at New Zealand’s largest airport for the return trip to the Gulf will endure perhaps the longest afternoon and evening in history, departing at 2.40pm and arriving at 10.10pm the same day in Doha.

Shortly before touch down, they will fly over Dubai — destination for the current longest flight in the world, again from Auckland.

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