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Frankfurt is known to have a relatively high cost of living, especially in comparison to other areas like Berlin.Ultimately the advantages of living and working in this cosmopolitan city continue to entice expats.And,” she added, “It’s better to experience it yourself.” Like all places, Germany has its issues, but many people who come here can’t imagine living anywhere else. Even with the occasional racist interaction or the depiction of archaic images of black folks, overall Germany feels decidedly less racist than the United States.Black expats having trouble coping with the transition to life in Germany can take Graham’s advice: “You need to have a routine in place for your own self preservation practice whether that’s reading bell hooks or James Baldwin or finding a black community to connect with relatively quickly.” Or check out some of the resources collected below.

Getting around in Frankfurt is easy with the city's excellent rail connections, river transport and the Autobahn system.“To be honest, I didn’t know a lot about the culture,” she said.“I knew what [high school German teachers] taught us:..broad strokes of beer, wurst, lederhosen, industriousness.” The Germany she’s found has contained that, and more, although she says that a more definitive and complex definition of what it means to be German continues to elude her.Meanwhile Johnson, who has now settled in and visited several German cities—including Stuttgart, Berlin and Frankfurt— is smitten with her new home. Unfortunately, however, there is very little media that shows people of color in German society, and this could help explain why Germany ended up atop a hotly debated list of the “worst countries for black people” to visit. Any person who moves to a foreign country will have concerns about safety, but many black people can feel an extra level of anxiety.Most black Americans have heard of sundown towns and wonder if there are similar places in Germany, especially given the recent visibility of organizations like Pegida.

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