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The crew of HMS Queen Elizabeth completes the vessel's sea trials, testing an innovative new firefighting system for the first time and marking the 100th anniversary of a plane being successfully landed on a moving ship.

He is desperate to change his ways and seeks help from the doctors to start treatment.

Meanwhile, Dr Ranj Kochhar deals with Timothy, who is adamant that the only thing preventing his thiamine deficiency from making him unwell is drinking two pints of Guinness a day, and refuses to change his ways (subtitles) (repeat)Documentary exploring the development of the Perpendicular style, which took Britain away from the French-inspired buildings of the medieval age.

Plus, six motorcyclists enter the Globe of Death (subtitles) Matt Edmondson narrates another selection of some of the most incredible and peculiar records, including the tightest parallel parking in the world, the fastest sheep-shearer and a man whose eyes pop out of their sockets (subtitles) Premiere.

A gamblwer makes a risky bet on a horse race at the end of an unsuccessful day, only to find his fortunes changing for the better.

The programme features performances recorded at King's College Cambridge, Canterbury Cathedral and Eton College Dour DI Jack Frost suspects a man he arrested years before for a series of bizarre assaults on children could have returned to the area and recommenced his unsavoury activities.When she is left alone in their flat for a weekend, she begins to experience a series of strange hallucinations that drives her to the brink of madness, resulting in murder.Roman Polanski's psychological thriller, starring Catherine Deneuve, Ian Hendry, John Fraser and Patrick Wymark The author and broadcaster explores how the monarchy has shaped the history of British music, beginning by examining the stories of kings who were also composers - Henry V and Henry VIII.At the vicarage, a remark about Mrs Maguire's love life and the accidental loss of some sentimental postcards leave the housekeeper and Leonard feeling raw and misunderstood (subtitles) (repeat)Katherine Ryan hears more inspirational stories of how some of the richest people in the UK and from around the world made their fortunes, discovering tales of hard graft, bizarre businesses and plucky entrepreneurship.the latest edition, the Canadian comedian meets a 22-year-old millionaire poker player, goes on a house hunt with former Big Brother contestant Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, who is now a property mogul, and hangs out with a billionaire interior designer who has many celebrity clients (subtitles) (repeat)A woman and her lover are attacked by a gang while driving down a remote country road, an experience that leaves them traumatised.

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