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Also, the survey says that 36.9% of the people with a low sex drive still want to be in a relationship even though they don’t really want to have sex.

Question: How many sexual partners have you ever had?

However, the survey shows that more than 80% of single men want to have sex.

The averages for the women were 5.5 (20s) and 6.8 (30s). We have seen various stats so far, but the only area where Japan is clearly an outlier is the frequency of sex.Results: About 40% of the sexless people say their partners don’t want to have sex. About 23% say having children or family members in their house makes it difficult.(Japanese apartments and houses tend to be small.) About 18% of them say they don’t desire their partner anymore.Question: If you have a sexual partner, how many times do you have sex per month?Results: On average, when they are married or in a relationship, men in their 20s have sex 4.4 times, in their 30s, 3 times, and in their 40s, 1.9 times a month.

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