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But the garmout, a Clarias variety, has been described as being among the worst Nile fish to eat.Moreover, it and the Sydontis (called w Ha, similar to the verb w Ha=to prick) have poisonous dorsal spikes best removed quickly before they can cause damage , mostly because their low-lying boats and rafts could be overturned by hippos and crocodiles, and they might be killed by them.becomes quickly hard to bear and clings to anything that comes into contact with them.In the Debate between a man tired of life and his soul the reek of bad repute is compared to the stench fish give off: Wildlife was concentrated around the Nile and large areas of the delta region were preserved for hunting and fishing.

It’s weather like this that makes me glad to be out of Oregon Inlet.In Graeco-Roman times sweet-water fishing, like all other occupations, became highly regimented.In order to prevent the death of sacred fish the fishermen had to use nets and liberate—on pain of death—any forbidden catch.The kneeling fisherman is removing a Sydontis Schall from a drag-net holding it by its dorsal spike to avoid being stung.The drag-net is equipped with weights at its lower and floats at its upper rim. Daumas: Quelques remarques sur les représentations de pêche à la ligne sous l'ancien empire, BIFAO 62 (1964), p.81 For some fishing was a relaxing pasttime, and, being sportsmen, they caught only the better tasting fish, often using harpoons with which they could target specific fish.

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