Dating mamma sugar

Actually she was proud to be called a sugary momma and she explains why.

For one it has made her look younger and feel younger, the enthusiasm and energy which was lost following a disastrous marriage and a havoc filled divorce have been returned.

The dating arena has changed over the years as have human psychology.

There used to be a time when men were looking for soft, curvy, ready for reproduction, counterparts, but it has changed to a more matured looking, comfort providing older women or “sugary mommas” as they are sweetly called.

We must admit that the ratio of men to women is not balanced.

Women on the other hand start looking even more glamorous as they age thanks a lot to the cosmetic industry and gyms around.

They are longing to be in the hands of the younger few or (“the sugary babies”) those that can be brought under their control and of course who does not like being called sexy by a younger person I once had a chance to meet a “sugary momma” .

The younger one are looking up to the older ones for affairs as for one thing the elder don’t challenge them and you always end up study something rather teaching the other person.

Younger men find older women more comfortable to talk to and find him quite financially settled around them.

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Only thing she says that marriage to her ex did was spare her some money.

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