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Primetime news program , roughly twenty years ago, conducted a test to look into myths about dating, mating and sex.One query in particular focused on height, specifically “Are short men at a disadvantage in romance? Even supermodels and A-list actors struggle with it. Dating websites have given us the ability to narrow our search to specific preferences in physical appearance and personality, resulting in wish lists that rival Santa’s.If you’re a woman, that usually means you want a man who is tall, at least taller than you and just as women shave a few pounds off for their dating profile, men, if they’re on the short side, tend to add a few inches.Mazur determined that taller men were likely to marry more often and have more children.They had more opportunities to attract women other than their wives, which lead to divorce, remarriage and even more children.

If these women can literally overlook the short issue, why does height remain such a deal breaker?

Mazur then speculated that because of that, shorter men were better husbands and have more long-lasting marriages — bonus points for the short guys.

Gathering information from various sources suggests that from a cultural perspective, women seek a physically larger partner because he is perceived to have more power, dominance and status, and that height was perceived as a sign of authority.

He says that many of the women he’s encountered on dating sites consider it an absolute non-negotiable item.

Though he agrees that everyone is entitled to their preferences, he says women are limiting their dating options.

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