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Whatever you do, do not play them with a steel needle on your Victrola.

These records were composed of a laminated composition, and over the years tend to delaminate and to chip away at the edges.

If your order comes to less than this you will be charged a handling fee equal to the difference between the amount of your order and the minimum purchase price.All images are thumbnails, so clicking on them will display a full-sized image. in the early 20th century, founded the magazine of this name in 1925.Where the label name is a link, clicking it will take you to a new page with more information and, in most cases, an attempt to list all issues on that label. It survived independently until 1928 when it was merged with the Labour Party's own official newspaper.A black celluloid flexible record dating to 1931, Lido was produced by the Goodson Record Company, using masters also available on Goodson.Lido records are extemely rare, however, as well as being very short-lived; the catalogue started at B-1 and only ran to about B-20 before Goodson records went into liquidation.

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The records were recorded by British Homophone (acoustically) and pressed by Pathe UK.

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