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Two years ago, the Manning family was contending with more drama.

There were wholly unsubstantiated rumors about an extramarital relationship coming between them, and that Peyton Manning’s divorce was imminent.

Manning had hoped to play in the 2011 season, but in September 2011 he underwent a second, and much more serious surgery: a level one cervical fusion procedure.In 2009, he was named the best player in the NFL, and Fox Sports, along with Sports Illustrated, named him the NFL player of the decade for the 2000s.Before the 2013 season had even finished, SI had named him their Sportsman of the Year.Peyton Manning and his father 'smeared' the star quarterback's college football trainer Dr Jamie Naughright after he allegedly sexually assaulted her by rubbing his naked testicles and buttocks on her face A book co-written by Manning and his father, Archie Manning (pictured together in 1995), then accused the trainer of having a 'vulgar mouth', leading to her twice losing her job despite seemingly doing nothing wrong Details of the alleged assault emerged in the early 2000s when Dr Naughright, a leading trainer with athletes who worked at the University of Tennessee, received a letter from representatives of the Manning family.'It was the gluteus maximus, the rectum, the testicles and the area in between the testicles. To get leverage, I took my head out to push him up and off,' she said. I never understood why you didn't admit to it.' Manning's (pictured playing for the Tennessee Volunteers in 1995) attorneys had three-and-a-half pages detailing what happened in an earlier incident between him and the trainer redacted from the legal papers'Ah, she, toilet mouth, ah Peyton told me he never did like her, but he always did, cause what I'd told him to do, ah, I instructed him to be nice to the tr- …In a letter to Manning, Saxon wrote: 'Peyton, you messed up.

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Fast forward a couple years later, the repeat Super Bowl runner up QB appears as happy as ever in wedded bliss.

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