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The strict part in the middle and hair flattened over the ears characterizes the turn-of-the-decade.Turn-of-the-decade Hairstyle: Image courtesy of Joan L.When the 1920s and the bob rolled around, they began to be ridiculed as unfashionable relics of the past and lost the public’s eye.Long hair styled in an updo was the way most women, especially upper class women, wore their hair during the 19th century. Hairstyles also often reflected dress styles, with the entire silhouette of a woman being taken into account.More often than not the women with long, cascading hair were models and actresses intended to depict intimacy and romanticism.When it comes to long hair, nobody could top the Seven Sutherland Sisters.

Curls were also very popular especially among the young women who styled their tresses into ringlets and swirls.

Accessories such as combs, pearls, hats and bonnets each had their time in the spotlight throughout the 1800s. They did occasionally trim split ends, or even singe them, but long hair was viewed as being ultra-feminine and desirable.

Victorians weren’t as serious as people think they were, but they sure took their hair seriously. We can find plenty of photos of women wearing their long, wavy hair down.

The Victorian hairstyles have all kinds of hues from plain to fancy; each with a distinct finery and elegance.

Since, the Victorian times were known for their prudishness women made efforts to sport a neat and graceful look that would give them a demure and neat display.

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