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Both bullets missed, and they were later found to be blanks.Oxford was acquitted by reason of insanity and after serving time in an asylum was moved to Broadmoor.Roderick Mc Lean, an unemployed London clerk, was also judged insane after he tried to assassinate the Queen in 1882 as she left Windsor train station.Firing a revolver at her point-blank he missed, and before he could fire again two Eton schoolboys knocked him off balance with their umbrellas. Many women were imprisoned in Broadmoor for murdering their own children while suffering post-natal depression.Among the first inmates were two would-be assassins of Queen Victoria.Edward Oxford was 18 and serving beer in a pub when in 1840 something told him to shoot the Queen and Prince Albert as they rode out on Constitution Hill.He was later offered a discharge in 1867 if he left the country.

Told that there were plenty more flowers higher up, she walked trustingly with Straffen into a nearby wood, where he put his hands around her neck.

And for any escape-hungry patient who climbs over the high-security walls enclosing the red-brick fortress there is no hiding place when it goes off for real: 13 sirens are in the neighbouring Berkshire towns of Camberley, Bracknell, Bagshot, Wokingham and the nearby village of Crowthorne, all of them connected by a telephone network.

If somehow a patient does manage to escape, the sirens sound for 20 minutes.

While supposedly on cleaning duties, he climbed onto a shed roof and dropped down the other side.

He then sauntered into the nearby village of Arborfield and strangled five-year-old Linda Bowyer, who had been out riding her bike.

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He missed; but his subsequent acquittal by reason of insanity caused such public uproar that Parliament speedily passed the Criminal Lunatics Act to provide for the indefinite detention of the insane, and a new institution was born, 'intended for the reception, safe custody and treatment of persons who had committed crimes while actually insane or who became insane while undergoing sentences of punishment'.

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