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1962 - Moulton Bicycle Introduced1964 - Dawes Newpin (separating version) Produced this year only.1965 - Raleigh RSW-16 introduced (pictured right) - Dawes Kingpin introduced (Newpin name reused on another model)The "Twenty" Period: 1968 - Raleigh "Twenty" Introduced1969 - Folding "Twenty" sold in Canada (anecdotal) 1971 - Folding "Twenty" introduced 1974 - RSW discontinued - Moulton Mk.III (Manufactured by Raleigh) Discontinued1977 - 140,000 "Twentys" sold in UK - "Twenty" made in New Zealand (pictured right)1984 - Raleigh "Twenty" Discontinued Post-Twenty Period:1984 - H-frame "Twenty" replaced by a U-frame bicycle called the "Safari" 1987 - "Safari" renamed "Compact"1989 - Raleigh stops marketing adult-sized small-wheel and folding bicycles 1990's - Sheldon Brown publishes his web-page about the Raleigh Twenty2009 - Webmaster purchases a one-owner "Twenty" frame from Adelaide, South Australia - com established The first port of call for dating a "Twenty" is by looking at the date stamp on the rear hub. Sadly, quality of these stampings deteriorated during the 1970's.After the war, despite shortages of fuel and steel, Raleigh’s cycle production rose rapidly.By 1949, it had reached about 750,000, the majority of which was exported.

K.)"M" - Malaysia"N" - Nottingham "R" - Canada"SB" - Ilkeston (U.

Serial numbers are usually on the back of the seat-tube, although there are some reports of the "Twenty" having them on the left rear drop-out.

From 1966-1973 Raleigh used a serial number system with a letter code indicating the year of manufacture hence:1966 - A1967 - B 1968 - C (First year of manufacture for the "Twenty")1969 - D1970 - E1971 - F1972 - G1973 - HSome cross-overs at the start and finish of years did occur, so it is not 100% accurate, but it is a good indication. It was two letters followed by a series of numbers. My "Twenty" is NA5000029."N" - Should be the first letter for the Raleigh Twenty, denoting "Nottingham""A" - A-Z indicating which fortnight of the year that the frame was made."5" - A number from 0-9, the last digit of the year in which the frame was built.

During the Second World War (1939-45), Raleigh concentrated on munitions work.

The name of its budget range, launched in 1938 as Gazelle, was changed to Robin Hood, and Raleigh acquired Rudge-Whitworth.

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