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Although Straczynski identifies himself as an atheist, he has been a champion of realistic, mature characterizations and storylines for Spider-Man, and his stories were among the most overt in depicting Peter Parker's spirituality and religious faith. The spider wasp places a single spider in each nest, which is often constructed after catching the prey. Just a thought." #48 is another issue which depicts Peter Parker in prayer, or having a "conversation with God." In this scene, we can even hear God's answers to Peter (or at least what Peter imagines God's answers are, or would be). I swear he does this stuff to us so that we'll complain and he can have someone to talk to. I mean, if you're so infinitely wise then why would you send someone like the Green Goblin to try and ruin my life? Spider-Man, "who sometimes addresses God in spontaneous prayer," is Protestant... "Frank Miller and Batman take on Al Qaeda" message board on "Arts and" website (Straczynski also introduced a heretofore undescribed mystical element to Spider-Man's origin and powers. It is probably not the intent of this scene to suggest that God is speaking directly to Peter Parker, but clearly Parker is thinking about God and pondering why God would allow terrible things to happen to him. Since when did my family and friends ever do you any harm? With or without overt references to religion, superhero stories resonate for people of faith, says Greg Garrett, author of "Holy Superheroes! s=73c16706d938808095fb38a1dae7c799&showtopic=8177&pid=103639&st=0&#entry103639; viewed 18 April 2006): SDG Feb 16 2006, AM I see they have Spider-Man listed as "Protestant." In traditional comic-book continuity, maybe, but in the movies he seems to be Catholic (e.g., the holy-water stoup by the front door in the Parker house). Michael Straczynski] run on Spider-Man has done interesting things with religion, mostly in terms of Peter's running inner monologue (? Recently when he "died" fighting Morlun, Peter's final thoughts were taken from Psalm 23 ("Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me").Source: The demon, called Green Goblin, tries different strategies to disarm the one who stands in the way of his plans. I know I complain a lot, and I know that you and me, we've got issues, but right now, just for tonight . Although the purpose of this page is to identify Peter Parker's religious background as Protestant, and to point out that the character occasionally expresses religious faith (at times sincere, at times casual), it would be a mistake to give the impression that any overt form of Protestant Christianity is a major aspect of his character. They think of Madalyn O'Hair, a woman who knew how to hate.He tries temptation, lies, flattery - ideas that are neither creative nor new. Spider-Man's religious background is most evident simply through his character and day-to-day actions. On the other hand, when people think of Christ, they think of a man who knew how to love.

The Goddess was a manifestation of the "benevolent" side of Adam Warlock, and she planned to use these heroes in her crusade to rid the galaxy of evil and usher in a new golden age of peace. PETER PARKER (thinking): Funny how most of my conversations with God end like that. I would argue that Spiderman and Batman definitely have no strong religious beliefs at this time. freakazoid_x 08/22/2003, I always believed that Spidey was Jewish.A number of Spider-Man writers since Stan Lee have hinted at Peter Parker's Protestant-leaning background and beliefs. Its sting quickly subdues its prey by paralyzing the spider's central nervous system. The spider wasp carries its prey to its nest, or if the spider is too large to carry in flight, the wasp simply drags it to the nest. Rogue from the X-Men was raised as a Baptist, and Spider-Man prays to what is assumed to be a Protestant God... ...while we're on the subject, the article uses data gleaned from to imbue other superheroes with their likely religious orientations. [Uncle Ben fades away, and Peter is left standing alone, his arms still held as if hugging Uncle Ben. We next see him back in the apartment, where he has gone to sit on the edge of the bed. From: "Spidey Question for the Legion" page, started 6 July 2005, on "Captain Comics Round Table" message board/forum website ( viewed 20 December 2005): tsj017 Jul 7 2004, AM I may be mistaken, but I seem to remember Pete/Spidey having some sort of inner monologue with God in one of the latter Paul Jenkins issues of Peter Parker: Spider-Man. It was ], after the Goblin turned Flash into a vegetable [i.e., puts him into a coma and possibly a brain-dead state].One writer in particular who has depicted Peter Parker's belief in God has been J. Famous for his creation of the popular science fiction TV series garnered widespread acclaim and breathed new life into the character. In order to make the spider easier to drag, some spider wasps bite off the spider's legs, often drinking the blood that leaks form the wounds. Listen, not that I'm complaining or anything, but next incarnation, just for a change of pace, you think you could have me get bitten by a radioactive Jennifer Lopez? Prayers are, like, God's way of staying interested. In fact, most superheroes have religious backgrounds, according to .. For instance, The Thing from "The Fantastic Four" is Jewish, a fact addressed in the saga. Mary Jane Watson is still awake, as she was reading a book.] MARY JANE WATSON: So, did you have a nice stroll on the roof? Maybe in the aftermath of the Goblin/Flash storyline? The link below is to a brief review/description of the story.Whatever the source of your power, you are tied to the Spider. We're still working out the finer details, but it basically works like this: He does something really spiteful . "I think when I go to superheroes, I see there is a religious metaphor to begin with," says comic-book writer Steven T. contained a list of the "suspected" religions of superheroes... 2) - the 9/11 issue focusing on the aftermath of the destruction of the World Trade Center. I'm also amazed at how well diversified the hero population seems to be.It is your icon, your totem, the template for your identity. Newsweek also listed Spider-Man as a Protestant, The Thing as Jewish, The Hulk as a lapsed Catholic, Daredevil as a Catholic, Batman as a lapsed Catholic or disaffected Episcopalian and Captain America as a Protestant... In this story, Spider-Man appears to argue with God about to why these things have happened. As for Spider-Man/Peter Parker, I always felt as though he was Protestant, but I couldn't put a finger on it.

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Nevertheless, Parker has exhibited a clear belief in God from time to time, and his Protestant Christian background has always been strongly manifest in his behavior and personal code of ethics. Superman also had a strong Christian upbringing, Johnathan and Martha Kent were praying for a child around the time Kal-El landed on Earth.

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