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Every popular actress came to have a postcard contract as part of her drive towards becoming better known and as an element of her income.And if you did not like any of the images on offer you could even commission a “selfie” from your local photographer or produce your own.Despite the decline in popularity of postcards today, they continue to be a significant part of British seaside tourism.Sold by newsagents and souvenir shops, modern postcards often feature photographs of the resort in beautifully sunny weather, with deckchairs a plenty – and echo of a bygone era of early social media.With social networking apps, such as Whats App, Instagram and Snapchat rapidly increasing in popularity, it can be hard to remember a time when these platforms weren’t a part of everyday life.And although Instagram didn’t actually get going until 2010, people have been sharing photos and images of themselves for a long time – especially since the birth of the camera phone.

Images were varied and publishers vied to produce new twists on popular memes whether that was rough seas, baby animals or celebrities.(Amateur) Photography as a hobby was nothing for the common man due to the costs involved.Anyway, more and more people had their own camera(s), some even with own darkroom equipment and by the late 1890’s you see more and more postcards made by amateur photographers.A postcard could drop onto your mat anytime between six in the morning and ten at night – and there were even deliveries on Sundays.In 1894, picture postcards had become very cheap to buy and send, with a stamp costing a halfpenny – half that of a letter.

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