Dating rugged men who ride horses

A young man that, at one time worked for the Yellow Poplar Company and he was stricken with tuberculosis and my mother moved to Elkhorn City, where she nursed and tended him until he died at the age of 22.He was taken back to the Cow Fork of Grassy to be buried there. I have a younger brother born 20 months after me, Claude Mullins, who now resides in Ashland, Kentucky.Inadvertently, I may call names, but I said., it is not my intention to do so with any malice or ill will.I undertake this because I have lived from the horse and buggy days here in Elkhorn City, Pike County, Kentucky to past the times when the United States has put a man on the moon.The rooms upstairs in our home contained three bedrooms used in the house. The other two bedrooms being in the front of the house contained 2 beds each for sleeping purposes.The people that stayed with my mother and boarded and roomed with her were primarily drummers and people who worked for the Yellow Poplar Lumber Company and other lumber companies and people who were traveling through on the trains and perhaps had to lay over here overnight.And while he was on strike he was hired as a bookkeeper for the Federal Mining Company which operated a coal mine over near the end of the railroad trestle and the mine was opened in world war I by Frank Scott and a gentleman by the name of Warmick.My father continued to work for the mine up until his death in November 1935 when he died at the age of 53, very suddenly.

He was a surveyor with the Railroad Engineers being rodman, when the railroad was build he became a clerk in the freight department in the depot and worked there a few years until the Brotherhood of Clerks came out on a strike in either 1922 or 1932.

There were very few restaurants and places to eat in Elkhorn City at that time, The only one I can recall is Bill and Joe"s restaurant on the ground floor of the old café building just across the depot and later on Cataldo Marinaro's, a man of Italian decent, put in a restaurant in a red tin colored building right there where the block building which he put to replace the one that was burned down.

The people around this community could not call or pronouce his name of Cataldo Marinaro and called him Kelly Marino.

My mother was born on Grassy on land where the Willowbrook Country Club is now situated.

Her first marriage was to a man by the name Alexander Looney from off the Cow Fork of Grassy.

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