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In the first place, science fiction is often dismissed as lightweight, formulaic and poorly-written rubbish churned out by talentless hacks who never met a cliche they didn't enthusiastically regurgitate.On the other end of the spectrum, science fiction is often seen as aloof, dreary Doorstoppers which essentially take the form of tedious and over-complicated scientific essays poorly disguised as stories, apparently written by people who have multiple doctorates in the hard sciences yet have somehow never managed to interact with another human being before.Where does this seemingly non-descript number come from? Bankers love e because it is the background of compound interest, and they love nothing more than charging you interest on a loan.In mathematical jargon, e = In other words if n= 10, then e= 2.59374246… As n approaches infinity, then e approaches a limit, that being the number e = 2.71828183… In the scientific arena, e pops up in a variety of ways—determining population growth in humans, or in bacteria, in depletion of tuna fisheries, and so forth. Thousands of singles join online dating sites every day. View photos and profiles of fun, like-minded singles. With seemingly endless options, the list below can help you find a dating site that fits your lifestyle. And in physics e is used to calculate time frames of radioactive decay, in heat transfer phenomena, and shows up in all types of waves—light, sound, etc.

For example, hypothesizes Starfish Alien Martians and fascinating new technologies, but still relegates women to sexy secretaries and nagging wives.

I then had an epiphany—this mathematician protagonist should be a woman——someone who goes against the perception that all math geeks are men. There have been several novels with mathematicians (crazy, brilliant, or both) written with themes centering on mathematical philosophies such as Neal Stephenson’s .

Thus the next three novels I wrote included Mallory Lowe, a tenured university mathematics professor. The trouble with writing about math in novels is the misconception that the reader is not math-worthy—a reader who cringes when it comes to discussing mathematical concepts.

The third of these novels is titled IRRATIONAL FEARS, and can be found at These are people who hated math in school or feared it since it held an overbearing abstraction for them.

The key then was to write a math-centric novel that keeps the reader’s attention.

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