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In this issue he shares some of his knowledge about the development of minimum-space layouts in the United Kingdom. THE SURPRISINGLY LONG STORY OF THE BRITISH MICRO LAYOUT By David Thomas The name “Micro Layout” has only been in regular use in Britain since about 1990, but the concept goes right back to when railway modelling was starting to become a separate hobby from model engineering. Its purpose was to demonstrate that a practical working layout was possible using 00 gauge (16.5mm) track and a scale of 3.5mm/ft. Walkley also used the layout to demonstrate other ideas that we now take for granted — the use of permanent magnet motors to allow locomotives to be reversed simply by changing the track polarity, two rail pick up, automatic couplings, and not least the idea that a model railway should have room for scenery as well as track — a departure from model engineering where the focus is on the locomotives and the track is generally just something to run them on.

* In the 1920s and 1930s 00 and 0 referred to the gauge not the scale, and an argument raged about whether it was better to use the correct scale of 3.5mm/ft for 00 or to adopt a larger scale of 4mm/ft to compensate for the small size of British rolling stock and make locomotive manufacturing easier.

This symbol is mentioned in a text about secret societies that Dipper was researching, alluding to the Blind Eye Society that appears in "Society of the Blind Eye." If arranged correctly and read left-to-right, the cryptograms read "FROM THE FIRST UNTIL THE LAST SEARCH THE CODES OF CREDITS PAST ONE MEANS ONE SO SEARCH THEM ALL WELCOME TO GRAVITY FALLS." This is a hint on how to solve the codes in red.

These shorts take place after the events of season 1, as Gideon is now starring in his own television show, filmed in prison. On December 24, 2013, the first short aired on Disney Channel Russia and on March 27, 2014, Disney XD Italy released the second short on You Tube.

The arrival of commercial TT-3 also led to at least one layout built into a coffee table and both track and rolling stock were quickly adapted for 3 foot gauge narrow gauge railways, often on small shelves, in 00n3.

1957 — THE BIRTH OF A CLASSIC As April was its 50th anniversary it is also worth mentioning Cyril Freezer’s classic Minories plan from 1957 [see Scrapbook #4].

Unfortunately the 4mm lobby led by Henry Greenly won the argument.

Walkley’s response was to coin the term half 0 or H0 for 16.5mm gauge at a scale of 3.5mm/ft, and most of British railway modelling has been out of step with the rest of the world ever since.

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