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An important opportunity for Seidl resulted from Wagner's recommendation of Seidl as conductor of the Leipzig Stadt-Theater.Seidl conducted in Leipzig from 1878-1882, to be succeeded by his Hungarian contemporary, the young Artur Nikisch (1855-1922).

It was said of Gatti-Casazza that he spoke no English - perhaps an exaggeration, and perhaps also a convenient role for him.

The Metropolitan Opera was also closed during the 1897-1898 season.

During that season, the Opera house was leased to Maurice Grau and hosted only visiting opera groups.

The Metropolitan Opera history since has been studded with so many famous names and historic performances they surpass any short listing.

This is true also of its orchestra, although as we will see, the history of orchestra and musicians of the Metropolitan Opera is less well documented.

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At Bayreuth, Seidl assisted in the creation of the first copy of the score of Das Ring des Nibelungen.

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