Dating sensory integration

I want to share with you a powerful, life-changing training & certificate program that will help you identify your clients’ Attachment style and challenges.

You will contribute to the creation of a thriving online community of practitioners who are sharing their experiences and insights as they explore Attachment in their practices.

Helping your clients heal childhood attachment wounds is ESSENTIAL for them to enjoy fulfilling relationships as adults.

The key for you as a therapist is to learn the Language of Attachment so you can create breakthrough experiences for them.

In the fifth week, we will turn our attention to special issues related to working with Attachment Styles and Trauma.

Each week, along with the training videos, you will get transcripts as well because we know many people prefer not only to watch material, but also to have the written copy.

For the first four weeks, we will focus on the four Attachment Styles.At the end of the calls, there will be time for questions and answers.Just in case you cannot make any of the live calls, they will always be recorded and posted to the private member area within 48 hours.By helping others return to Secure Attachment, your work will create ripples out into the world.As part of the program, you will be listening to experts from various fields such as neurobiology, neuroscience, as well as relationship and parenting work.

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You can download the transcripts and use them for reference and note-taking.

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