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Trucking is a hard profession for the single person.

Long stretches of being away from home and out on the road make it difficult to meet people, to get to know them and to maintain a relationship.

In cases of human trafficking, it’s better to call and be wrong than to be right and do nothing. Tyson Fisher, staff writer and research associate, joined Land Line Magazine in March 2014.

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Dating sites are a crapshoot: Some are legit and others are shady at best.

With that in mind, I set up a profile at Trucker Personals (Note to my wife: FOR INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM PURPOSES ONLY) to see what it’s all about.

He mentioned truck driving one day when I came home from work all flustered and I said, ‘Well why not? They enrolled in truck driving school and started looking into trucks.

Chante and Chris sold their house, became owner-operators living out of their 2017 Volvo 780.

So either most conversations are going to private messages or some of these users are bots or something similar.

Technology has made dating a little bit easier for everybody, including truckers.

It’s hard to tell who is down with the trucking lifestyle on any given dating website.

Tyson received his journalism degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

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