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An Author gets access to the service of data interpretation for methodics based on a block that is a mathematical algorithm.

It will allow forming templates, questionnaires, and visualize results, and at the end, it creates API of methodics on the basis of which an Entrepreneur of IT-developer can create a product.

Human Discovery Platform solves this problem: the system will unite Authors of methodics and create a civilized environment that will allow proving and verification a methodic.

An Author can install a methodic into a system, having created a block for it.Using several Authors' blocks, one can create methodics of any complexity.For example, an Author can translate his/her methodic into another language by placing a translation block in front of a block of his/her methodic.Blockchain not only offers possibilities of mutual use of methodics but also solves the problem of trust: data obtained as a result of analysis will be stored independently, so it will be much more difficult to manipulate results of studies.We create a transparent environment for creating high-quality digital products on the basis of proven methodics for a personality analysis that is currently delayed due to a number of problems.

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To get coins returned please send address of your wallet and ref id from the e-mail you have used to register in your account to [email protected] We'll keep working on the project and promise to be back next year, after further product development.

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