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is to get a free player like Win Amp mentioned previously, the next step is to convert your CDG's into music the free player can play.So here I have created a page with links to tools and utilities you will need to work with MP3 G file formats Click here to read more!Note: before ordering any Karaoke software make sure your CD drive supports the CDG format.See the MTU List of Supported Drives and be sure and download the trial version before you purchase this software.Hoster® is by far the most feature packed PC Karaoke Software I have seen yet.The company that makes it has audio experience dating back to 1968.

This in unheard of in the software business, "a software company that actually supports it's users." The community of users is very large and well served by MTU.

It quickly becomes obvious that you should do something to protect your CDG's from this environment. Originals that don't get played in bars and then a set of copied working disks. Be sure to always download trial versions of all Karaoke software you plan on purchasing to verify they will work on your computer.

Karaoke software for home use can range from using free media players like Win Amp with a free karaoke plug in to software as high as 0.

One just selects the brand and manufacturers Disk ID from pull down lists and the Artists Name and Song Name is populated for you.

Many Karaoke songbook management software packages cost as much a Hoster® does.

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So that leads us to full blown programs that will play on your PC.

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