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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...I think that a big part of the problem you have is POF's system for labelling drinking habits.I can't remember what the exact wording is, but I believe you have 3 choice: "never", "socially", and "3 times/week." Well...there aren't many options in there, really, to fit a wide range of lifestyles and definitions of social activity.So, for me to answer 0 is not accurate, neither is 1-5 as I don't even drink one a week most of the time. The fact that someone may attend church does not change the fact that they lie. I am a non drinker and frankly don't care if someone is a social drinker or a drunk..And no, I'm not a Christian - in fact, I'm atheist. Social Drinker only drink when in a social atmosphere.a closet drunk.Sending a message asking in a polite way doesn't cost anything here, so you have nothing to lose. Just like the people who lie about their age and weight. get yourself a list together and send it out to perspective ladies ... I am a social ice cream eater....anyone for ice cream? I'm not surprised that there is a correlation between non-drinking and Christian. But clearly, as shown above, there's many that don't drink and aren't Christian.Thanks Mom, This is a good answer but I kinda wonder how well it would go over with me asking that question right off the bat no matter how nice I put the question. I'm not a christian I just dont like the whole big alcohol deal and drunks scare me For me its simply I dont like 'that lifestyle' that is centred around alcohol Nothing to do with my beleifs or otherwise If someone didnt drink because their religion told them not to, I'd be scared of what happened if they dropped that fashion and joined a new one. Its not a personal choice.cheers Sure is a problem to define 'social drinker'. Christians used to make some pretty darned good beer and wines..still do it too! I know I'd have to be good and drunk to take some vow...say, of silence or celibacy. I'm a social drinker in that I might have a drink with dinner or go out for a drink with a friend, and I have a nice collection of liquers for making c0cktails when entertaining at my place.

Still, I got two bottles of white wine in my fridge (one since Feb). just ask my 1st ex, he is the most wonderful christian, or so he says. there is no way we can truly KNOW who is or who is not lying.

Then One of my best friends in the military got killed by a drunk driver.

At the time I was 19 years old and these things stopped my drinking and I've never had a drink since.

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I am a non drinker and it is because every time in my life there has been a problem drinking or someone being drunk has been at the root of a problem that I have experienced.

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