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Live Journal has also established Bloggers Schools in many towns in Russia, supervised by Live Journal Ambassadors.

Live Journal is looking more and more like a national mass media portal.

An app has been developed to communicate via mobile or computer (similar to ICQ service).

place on the Russian social networks list, with over 20 million users.

It is considered to be a platform for remonstrative youth movements, used mainly by young metropolitan professionals with an active social position – often belonging to a political opposition.

There are therefore tons of old films and TV productions available to download in high quality (some of these are available on You Tube too, but not nearly as much).

Nearly 40% of users are actively tweeting, which is a record-breaking number for social networks.

Over half the audience is between 18 and 34 years old, living mainly in big cities.

The network boasts the longest average time spend per page, significantly more than other social networks. Odnoklassniki users participate a lot in group discussions and reviews etc.

The audience tends to be more mature, closer to 40 years old and over, with quite traditional values and settled lives.

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