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No person in their right mind wakes up one day and says my dream in life is to be abused. I stayed because I was full of shame and embarrassment. I accepted this was my life and I was simply waiting to die.

My parents were inside and it was a regular day outside. We were in a real relationship and real relationships take work.

Maybe you're worried your friends will take his side.

Or maybe you're not certain if an incident is even reportable.

Well, not until the first time I saw and experienced the other side of him. I didn’t say to myself, “I love him and if I have to live with a slap here and there, so be it.” I woke up feeling sorry for him, telling myself he didn’t mean to do it.

To this day I can’t even tell you what we were arguing about. The slap hit me with enough force to send saliva flying out of my mouth like a boxer who was about to get knocked out. If his mother hadn’t been so terrible then he would never disrespect any woman especially me.

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