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The points he makes are: So what does this tell us about the female consumer?

She is strategic in her decisions, compares products, and actually uses her friend’s (or trusted online mommy networkers) opinions as the determining factor in whether she will buy into a product or not.

Last week, I touched on some of the basics of marketing to women ages 35-55.

This is a fairly wide age range, and includes both Gen X and some of the younger Boomers.

These groups can be broken down even further into categories such as: socio-economic status, education level, ethnicity, and etc.

If a campaign would be more successful in a specific state and/or locally, a demographic can be narrowed down to the exact location: country, state, or city.

This data, compiled by the Marketing to Moms Coalition in a report entitled “State of the American Mom 2009” defines influence as: actively utilizing social media networks, reading and/or posting on blogs, purchasing products online, engaging in forum activity, status updates and sending emails. 42 million US women are online weekly doing some form of social media activity. Things to keep in mind when working on an amazing campaign.

She buys for the entire family, is increasingly doing her shopping online, and she is on the Web all the time (studies show the average mommy blogger/networker logs into her Facebook account more than 10 times daily).Levert was rushed to a hospital after collapsing at the Cyahoga County Jail where he was being held for non-payment of child support. at Lutheran Hospital after being transported to the facility from the Cuyahoga County Jail. Sean Levert had gone to the jail infirmary complaining he was sick. I have to say this about a justice system that locks up too many good black men: They need to find another way to deal with the child support problem because locking up brothers is not the answer. However, if you treat her with respect (show empathy to her feelings) and can have the patience for a sometimes longer sales process, you will learn how to dominate this market.(Is it just me or do the following selling strategies resemble the dating process almost TOO accurately?!

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