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Brian explains: “One of the guys had the biggest queue but then when he spoke for the first time he revealed he wasn’t on the show for love, he just wanted to get his willy out. Similarly you expect the guys to pick the obvious girl with the big boobs but it’s not like that.

They get to pick another guy’s girl to win her over and it’s all about personality.”There can be a bit of argy-bargy between the girls too.

Brian, 33, the ex-husband of Kerry Katona, reveals: “It takes a lot to shock me but these girls did. They just don’t care.” Telly babe Laura, 26, adds: “I keep telling Brian this is just what us Northern girls are like.

They are quite outrageous and massive personalities.”In Stand By Your Man, four guys compete to win a date with one of 40 man-hungry girls from the studio audience. All the girls go for the muscles.“But by Pillow Talk they go more for personality and it all changes.

Chattering loudly the girls elbow each other out of the way.

all frantically vying for attention from any male in sight.

It is part of a series of commissions called 'The Mating Season'.

It includes a series of half-hour dramas called 'Dates' and a documentary set in sexual health clinics in London and Birmingham.

It’s actually a wild new dating show, Stand By Your Man, described as a cross between Geordie Shore and Take Me Out.

Channel 4's Head of Factual Ralph Lee said: "This season explores the complexities and nuances of forming relationships in 2013.

Dating has profoundly changed over the past 10 years in Britain.

We understand that, so we’ve put several layers of complicated technology in place to make sure you only receive mail from the kind of people you want to receive mail from.

We also have a beautiful artificial intelligence system that learns from your behaviour on the site, figuring out who you might like and who might like you.

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Coming soon to Channel 5, it is set to make even the biggest exhibitionist wince.

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