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A mere three gallons of the waste held in Hanford’s tanks has been sent to nearby Perma-Fix Environmental Solutions in Richland to be encapsulated in concrete-like grout.

It then is expected to be sent to a privately owned Texas waste disposal facility that was built to accept low level radioactive waste, including waste mixed with hazardous chemicals, from federal projects.

For the first time, Hanford radioactive tank waste has been sent off site for treatment and disposal.

“We would have additional questions that have to be answered before we would allow any more tank waste to be shipped to Perma-Fix,” Bradbury said.It also has been in contact with the state of Texas to ensure that its rules comport with Washington state rules as the grouted waste is sent to the Waste Control Specialists Federal Waste Disposal Facility in Andrews, Texas.“However, we still expect all Hanford tank waste to be turned into glass at the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant,” or vitrification plant, Bradbury said.At least 90 percent of the 56 million gallons of waste are expected to be low activity waste.DOE said in a statement regarding the off site treatment of the three gallons of tank waste that it is “evaluating ways to perform tank waste cleanup activities in a safe, more efficient and more cost effective manner.” But the focus remains on starting up the vitrification plant for treatment of low activity radioactive waste, it said.

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