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For thousands of years, Native Americans have been creating artwork that defines their world and reflects their culture.Everyday items like household implements, ceramics, clothing, sacred objects, items of personal adornment and baskets illustrate not only Indian artistic talent, but a visual language of unique cultures.

They range in size from small Pomo feather baskets made for sale to tourists to enormous Apache olla baskets used for storing large quantities of seeds.Baskets are among the finest examples of the Native American artistic legacy.Whether using techniques of coiling, plating or twining, almost every tribe produced some form of basketry.According to exhibition organizers, basketry reached heights of perfection with the work of Elizabeth Hickox (1875‱947) of the Northern California Karok/Wiyot tribe.Objects like this lidded basket with a knob handle, circa 1913, made of bear grass, maidenhair fern, conifer root and hazel, are much sought after. All photos courtesy of Southwest Museum of the American Indian, Autry National Center.

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