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The Longines "Winged Hourglass" (actually a winged clepsydra for those who care about such things) is the oldest registered trademark for a watch company, having been registered in 1880. became the exclusive sales agent for Longines in 1880, starting a relationship that would last for 114 years. was sold by the Wittnauer family and renamed the Longines-Wittnauer Co., a name that became so linked in the minds of the public that most assume that Longines and Wittnauer watches are the same.

The Winged Hourglass logo first appeared on Longines watches in about 1867. In fact, they produced distinctly different movements, though both are of similar excellent quality.

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214 models can only be set from the back; there is no side crown. These letter-number codes can be found stamped both on the case back and the movements — it is not unusual for the case back and movement to have slightly different codes — over 50 years, movements and case backs get either replaced or muddled up.

In the early 1800's Swiss watchmaking was truly a cottage-industry.

Original Longines chronographs are very collectible. Longines was also famous for their Aviator's watches.

After his historic flight, Charles Lindbergh helped Longines design a pilot's watch with special features for air-navigation.

The index mechanism also means the Accutrons are characterised by a constant sweeping seconds hand.

Some good links to other web sites are: When the first Accutron went on sale in 1960, Hamilton must have seen the writing on the wall for their own electrics which had only come out 3 years earlier.

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