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Statistics surrounding domestic violence and non-physical abuse bring to light how prevalent violence against women in Australia is.

Key findings show how violence against women impacts the home, workplace and wider community.

For example, both women and men are more likely to experience violence at the hands of men, with around 95% of all victims of violence in Australia reporting a male perpetrator. Australian Bureau of Statistics (2013), Australian Bureau of Statistics (2013) Personal Safety, Australia 2012, Cat. 4906.0, Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Canberra. 124, Australian Institute of Criminology, Canberra, pp.

Recognising the gendered patterns of violence doesn’t negate the experiences of male victims.

Family violence is knowable, predictable, and preventable.

Knowing the facts about domestic violence is the first step in supporting victims in their safety planning and holding offenders accountable.

The National Dating Abuse Hotline, Love is Respect received 995 calls, 682 chats and 198 texts from Texas in 2016.

As this definition makes clear, violence against women is not only or always physical. But to prevent violence against women we first need to understand it.Get informed with these key statistics, facts and definitions.All violence is wrong, regardless of the sex of the victim or perpetrator. Survey extrapolated to population figures on the basis of 3.8% of all women surveyed reporting having experienced physical or sexual violence from a non-partner in the past 12 months (and approximately 9 million women over the age of 18 in Australia). But there are distinct gendered patterns in the perpetration and impact of violence. In 2012, 17% of all women and 5% of men had experienced violence by a partner since the age of 15. (1999) Femicide: An overview of major findings, No. National Crime Prevention (2001) Young people and domestic violence: National research on young people’s attitudes and experiences of domestic violence, Crime Prevention Branch, Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department, Canberra; and Cox (2015), see note 2.

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