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I'm feeling very alone being single and 26 weeks pregnant (the baby's father refuses to have anything to do with it- won't even return my e-mails) It seems everything I read is geared towards women with husbands/ partners.

I'm just wondering if anyone else is in this situation and how they are handling it? Baby's dad broke up with me right after I told him I was pregnant.

So from 10 years of relationship with sexy 3-5 times a day every day. I don't know if my short temper is due to lack of sex or hormons :). Think many of us with bf's are in relationships with others that are not the father's of our babies, but we still deal with many issues other single moms deal with.

The time period that I went through a complete anxiety attack and depression coincided with a sexual dry spell while pining after a disinterested ex...coincidentally (or not? Why so many answers including me and my boyfriend ? I don't feel like hooking up with a new guy while pregnant.

Do not waste time on people who have nothing to offer you. Babies are such miracles- so beautiful and innocent.

I raised her till she was 4 single and we had the best time together.

I also come from a culture that really looks down on divorced 20 year old with a kid so I had a hard time dating.

It's tough now but things will get better you just have to believe that they will:) Hi ladies, I wanted to share my story briefly.

I was 20 when I had my first daughter and my bf at the time kept forcing me to have an abortion and of course I didn't and kept my beautiful baby girl.

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  1. But it’s not cool to pay lip service to intentions of growing a serious, long-term relationship and from the onset demote your lover to second-rank — even before you message her on