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MORE: Seven things people with MS want you to know about the disease.Finding someone who is caring and compassionate is key to a successful relationship.There are plenty of intelligent, caring people out there with their own crosses to bear, who may be very interested in someone whether or not that have MS, but who may not think to visit such a website.And for myself, I have fallen very happily in love with a beautiful, amazing girl." MS Trust have books on MS and sexuality which cover different aspects of relationships.This newlifeoutlook video explores dating when you have multiple sclerosis.Host Sebastian offers some practical advice, explaining that MS is not something that you should be ashamed of or have to withhold from potential partners.

From my experience I do not think people with MS should 'ghettoise' themselves to such.Socialising with friends and meeting others at work is a great option if these are realistic for you.I met my previous partner at work but having stopped working, I would have to think of other ways.She has her own issues of course but that's a relief as we can work together and start our journey knowing neither of us is perfect. I got a response from Glyn: "I had been single for a year, and thought a dating website could be worth a try.I firstly registered on a couple of 'disability dating' sites, but got nothing.

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